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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lord Venkateswara's Boon to Bhakta Bheema

It’s been quite a while since I have updated this blog. I am extremely sorry for that. Today I have come up with a short story on Bhakta Bheema. Hope you guys like it.

There are several stories that are associated with the Grandeur of Lord Venkateswara and yet they are unfamiliar. The reasons might be plenty. Let’s not waste the time on discussing that issue now. Here is my little effort to uncover one such story related to the great devotee of Lord Venkateswara called Bheema.

Bheema was a potter; who used to live in a village called Gudwakkam seven miles away from Venkatachalam. He had a wife called Tamalini. Both of them were great devotees of Lord Venkateswara. Though they were poor they lived happily chanting the hymns of Lord Venkateswara.

Bheema used to chant Lord Venkateswara’s name all the time. He knows only two things in the world – one was to mind is own business and other was to chant the hymns of Lord Venkateswara. Nothing else was known to him.

Bheema made a clay Idol of Lord Venkateswara sitting on the throne. He along with his wife Tamalini used to offer prayers every day and chant hymns in praise of the Lord. Tamalini used to prepare Naivedyam in the clay pots and offer it to the Lord every day. The Lord immensely enjoyed the Naivedyam offered to him. Bheema often immersed himself deeply in the devotion of Lord Venkateswara and yet his work went on unhindered.

Pleased by the sincere devotion of Bheema, the Lord once gave him a darshan and said, “Bheema! My dear Bhakata..! I am pleased with your sincere devotion and really appreciate your sincerity towards your profession. Ask anything you want. I am going to fulfill your wish. Bheema asked the Lord to give His blessings for the rest of his life. That is all enough for him and he expect nothing more than that. Pleased with the devotion of Bheema couples, the Lord offered a boon that all the Naivedyams in the Temple of Tirumala will be prepared in clay pots till the end of Kaliyuga as a commemoration to their sincere bhakti and devotion on him.

Since that day onwards till today all the Naivedyams to be offered to the Lord are prepared in clay pots. Many people might have offered Gold and Diamond studded vessels but what the God has chosen? The Clay Pot! There is no difference of caste or creed, rich or poor in the eyes of the Almighty Lord Sri Venkateswara. What matters the most to the Lord is the deeds of his devotees. How much you offered is not important to the Lord. How much you love Him is what matters to the Lord.